Post Production

December 28, 2017  

Now In Production

Filming is currently underway for Searing’s next feature film, written and directed by Wesley Cavins. Follow the production on facebook at for stills and behind the scenes photos from the film. The film is on track to begin post-production early 2018.

February 27, 2015  

Location Scouting in MS

Check out thumbnails of the location photos of a recent location scout after the jump. The location has been approved through the state parks & wildlife dept. The project is slated for production in the near future. Announcements will be made about the ongoing status of this production as soon as movement begins.

November 5, 2012  

In With The New

Moving forward with expansion plans, as previously mentioned, the frontend of our site has received a major upgrade to accommodate traffic from increased interest in our productions. The frontend was designed for more transparency than film production usually allows, giving more exposure to the talents of the unsung heroes behind the camera as well as those in front. It has also been structured to allow for plenty of expansion as more sections & features are added such as video and …