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November 3, 2012  

A Tale of Twin Cities: Part 2

Picking up where the story left off last summer, we hit the ground running with a new film property in development titled ‘Violent Acts’ for our next feature film.

Continued from: A Tale of Twin Cities


Material for the production guide began to accumulate as the screenplay was written… four months later, the screenplay was finished and the production guide was setup in OPS.


Production Guide

As the story was plotted out for the screenplay, location scouting was underway to collect photos for writing the locations into the script.

Location Scouting

In combination with location scouting and reference photos, a “shotbook” was assembled to match the screenplay, with at least one image to accompany every scene that did not take place in a reoccurring location. Instead of only including images to convey the feel / tone of the scene, we will actually be able to frame the shots on location exactly as they appear in the shotbook.

Scene Shotbook

Now that the characters have been fully developed, casting shortlists have been put together after looking at every major talent agency in the Twin Cities metro. Although we may not end up with every person added to the list, it will give us a headstart on the type of person we are looking for with each character.

Casting Shortlists

A major goal of this production is to fully utilize as many resources available to us within the state without having to bring in what we need from around the country. Since it will be a local production, we are looking closely at the music and musicians around the Twin Cities for the score and soundtrack.

Score & Soundtrack

As production planning, shot lists, shot diagrams, and development material continue to build, storyboarding is underway with around 30 panels completed so far.


We have about 12 weeks of further development before transitioning into active development on this production. We’re planning on making that transition around the end of January and continuing active development until we are able to initiate pre-production. We are pushing for prep to begin a run through spring, during which time all of our efforts will be focused on getting the greenlight. If everything works in our favor, we are aiming for a mid-to-late summer shoot on principal photography.

There should be plenty of updates from here out, but in the meantime, here are two pieces of concept art from a couple of scenes in the film:

Violent Acts – Concept Art

What’s in the box?

For a closer look at our intranet, which houses the production guide for this film, continue reading by clicking the image below:

Searing Cinema O.P.S.