Post Production

November 5, 2012  

In With The New

Moving forward with expansion plans, as previously mentioned, the frontend of our site has received a major upgrade to accommodate traffic from increased interest in our productions. The frontend was designed for more transparency than film production usually allows, giving more exposure to the talents of the unsung heroes behind the camera as well as those in front.

It has also been structured to allow for plenty of expansion as more sections & features are added such as video and photo galleries, and to spotlight milestones such as festival screenings, theatrical release, dvd release, etc.

Custom Index Header Modes

Video and Photo Galleries

Articles, Interviews, Reviews, etc.

Depending on distribution marketing strategies, our films dedicated websites might be managed by an auxiliary company but they will always have a dedicated section for our own filmography.

Filmography Sections

As technology progresses and the advent of the ipad has solidified its place on the set of production, we are always looking for innovative ways to present our efforts from the production / backend of the site onto the frontend, allowing a more dynamic experience for visitors to our site.

One such example is the production calendar, where crew make day to day schedule changes on their ipads with either iCal or gCal that synchronize through google calendar and made visible in real time on the main page and side column of this site.

For a new behind the scenes look at the backend of the site, the intranet created for Searing Cinema named O.P.S. (online production system), which was previewed back in May, click the image below ->